About MediLink

Company Profile

    Founded on July 08, 2020, MediLink Therapeutics is an innovative drug development company focusing on antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) and related technologies.

    ADC drugs have both the powerful killing effects of the small molecule and tumor targeting properties of antibody. The recent technology breakthrough has led to nine new ADC approvals in the past three years for cancer treatment.

    As one of the most sophisticated class of drug modalities, ADC has several components including antibody, payload and linkers with a concerted mechanism of functions. New structures are emerging regularly to hit the new clinical applications, and the indications are also moving rapidly from oncology to non-oncology fields.

    MediLink Therapeutics was formed by experienced scientists from both small and large molecule drug development fields. The management team has collectively put over 20 new compounds into clinical developments, 3 of them are antibody drug conjugates. The team also has strong background in corporate governance and capital operations.

Our History


YL202 was approved by CDE for clinical trials


YL202 project IND has received approval from the FDA


YL201 was approved by CDE for clinical trials


Establishment of Singapore subsidiary and YL project enrolled first subject in clinical trial


YL201 project IND has received approval from the FDA


Completed $70 million Series B financing


YL202 project into pharmacology and toxicology

Subsidiaries in Boston and Hong Kong were established


YL201 project entered the formal stage of pharmacology and toxicology

Start the design of 18,000 production sites

Suzhou production subsidiary Eigong Source, Shanghai subsidiary was established


Suzhou Biobay research and development site put into use


Completed A round of 350 million RMB financing


Product IP Layout

Initiate research and development site design

Two collaborations were reached


Key personnel in place

Two projects were approved

Develop toxin Linker design